Finding a place with The Kibel Companies is easy. Over the years, we've developed a great selection of apartment buildings throughout New York City and beyond. This website is the key that can easily lead to your new front door. Enjoy a fast, convenient search through our NO-FEE apartments within your own parameters.

Renting an apartment in Manhattan is an exciting process. So exciting, in fact, that people often forget to ask the most important questions. Have a list of questions prepared when you are going to view apartments. Think of questions based on personal preferences, and let your voice be heard. Renting in New York often requires a decent portion of money up-front.

Decide how much you're willing to spend per month, and then be prepared to provide at least the first month's rent plus deposit. When you view apartments for the first time, you should never get pressured into renting, but if you find one that you absolutely love, be ready to commit by having the following materials with you:

  • Letter of recommendation from a previous landlord
  • Letter of recommendation from your boss, outlining the fact that you are stable in employment
  • Pay stubs from your job
  • Letters of reference from your bank
  • Your checkbook